Drop 2 SIZES in Less Than 2 Weeks

While Enjoying Daily Drinks, Treats or Snacks

With The 14 Day Fit with Food Kickstart Challenge FREE!!

Enter your information above to secure your spot in the 14 Day Fit with Food Challenge. Once your spot is secured we will be texting you to get you onboarded to your challenge and get your set up with the FitFoodies Mobile APP

Enter your information above to secure your spot in the 14 Day Fit with Food Challenge. Once your spot is secured we will be texting you to get you onboarded to your challenge and get your set up with the FitFoodies Mobile APP



Click GET STARTED FOR FREE fill in your Name, Best number for your coach to text and your email.

Then download the App and Your coach will be texting you to get you all set up for success

What you get when you Join The Fit With Food Challenge...

Meal Plan

Enjoy delicious foods, take out, candy, alcoholic drinks, and FIRE UP your metabolism — spending no more than 10 minutes a day cooking.


Surrounding yourself with others who are dominating in the best way to level up. Support, accountability and community, You are never alone


Do these quick, safe, and fun workouts at home or the gym to drop a dress size in just 2 weeks… even if you haven’t worked out in years or don’t know how.


You will be coaching you every-step of the way right from your phone, support and guidance is just a message away to guarantee you succeed!

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Do you guarantee results:

We guarantee that if you open the app, do the things and communicate with us, you will be blown away by your results.

Can I really do it for FREE:


Where Does it Happen:

The Challenge is delivered inside our app. You can also access it on your computer should you choose to do so. Plus Your Coach will be texting you and guiding you every step of the way.

When Does it Start:

Your Fit Foodie Journey begins as soon as you sign into the App. It starts by going through the 14 day Fit with Food Challenge. You can complete the program at your own pace, but we will unlock lessons to help give you a little push and pace.

Who is it For:

The Fit Foodie Fit with Food Challenge is for anybody who wants to kickstart results and drop a size in the next couple weeks without giving up treats or drinks. It is designed for anyone who is willing and ready to take action towards creating the body and life they love, while also learning how to maintain the results that they achieve through the program. No matter what your previous knowledge or background is, we're here to help teach you about nutrition, fitness, mindset and life in an easy and sustainable way so that you can understand how to make improvements for the rest of your life.

Who isn't it for:

If you are a person who likes to point the finger at others and continually makes excuses for why you haven't changed, we're probably not for you. We're looking for people who are willing to invest in themselves by learning what it takes and then implementing what they have learned to change their life. Having knowledge is great, but it is through action where the magic and power lie in knowing what will actually work for you.

A Little About, Fit Foodies!

I’m Mickey Jogoleff and this is my amazing wife Sammy. We are the founders of Fit Foodies, and you guessed it we LOVE food.

And I know just how HARD sticking to a bland, boring diet plan can be when you love FOOD like me... 

The crazy thing is, it wasn’t until I ditched the salads and meal replacement shakes…

And started eating juicy burgers, pizza, and candy that I was able to drop 95lbs of stubborn weight and keep it off.

Discovering how to use my favorite food as a tool to get in-shape allowed me to build myself into who I am today…

A strong, health, happy husband… 

All while my wife and me enjoyed our favorite foods…

Achieving the body and life we desire. And now you can do the same thanks to….

The Fit Foodie App, Courses and Programs...

...because who doesn’t want to eat amazing-looking food with friends and family, guilt-free — without throwing off your hard work?

Since starting on this journey we’ve helped over 295 people lose weight in a way they love and enjoy. 

While we have spent countless hours on our own journey working with the best PhDs & Biochemists.

We made it easy for you, took everything we learned and simplified it.

Everything you NEED, nothing you don't, no more frustration, trying to figure it out or living on salads and shakes...

We developed our Fit Foodie App, Courses and Programs, along with our 14-Day Challenge for those who want to kick the salads and shakes for food they love and a body that will turn heads.

Get the support you need on those days when you just aren't feeling it...

 Myself and Sammy are within the Fit Foodie Community coaching, guiding you, and answering any questions you have along the way...

And trust me…

We know what it’s like to struggle with getting into shape when you love food or don't have a lot of extra time

I used to feel like the long hours I worked, and my love for food and beer meant that I’d always be overweight…

And Sammy felt like her love for sweets, nice dinners, and going out to brunch meant she’d never have abs and great muscle tone.

That was until we found a way to live our life AND have the body we desired. 

What if I said you could have results like us and hundreds of our clients…


While enjoying beers, burgers, and bourbon.

Imagine how amazing it’d feel to grab the attention of your friends and have them asking…

“What they heck have you been doing?”

Imagine your significant other or the special someone giving you “that look”.

Well now, that’s all possible… at NO COST TO YOU.

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true or wondering why we are doing all this for FREE...

Its simple really, we are tired of seeing so many people struggle the way we used to, because all of the fade diets, hacks or BS out there...

and we selfishly want to get you AMAZING result so you stick around for more then just 14 days...

While I could keep talking about the benefits all day. 

But it means nothing without taking action to start creating the life you want today!

NOW is the time and the 14-Day Fit with Food Challenge is the best place to start. 

We’ll guide you every step of the way, show you how to love your life by eating the foods you enjoy to get the body you desire.

Best of all it's so simple literally ANYONE can do it and it only takes 14 days!! — to get you on track and out of your own, teaching the simple skills, mindset, and habits for lifelong success.

So what are you waiting for? To start tomorrow, next Monday, after ‘fill in the blank’ with whatever you keep telling yourself about the "perfect time"? Or are you going to get started today?

 Sign Up Today for your 14-Day Kickstart Challenge for FREE and get immediate access to the Fit Foodie Coaching App so you can start strong with your 14 Day Kickstart Challenge absolutely FREE, everything you need to get started all within the palm of your hand. You will know exactly what to do when it comes to eating, training (at home or the gym) while still enjoying amazing food to get your friends talking...

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