What is Food Freedom?

Food Freedom is about taking your power back when it comes to food and achieving results in a world where you often feel powerless and out of control around the food you eat...

Being "healthy" is second nature when you achieve Food Freedom because not only is it a learned skill, it is a part of who you are and your new formed beliefs surrounding food when it comes to what is possible for you, your life and your health.

What it IS...

  • Achieving results without crazy restrictions

  • No longer feeling the need to "yo-yo" diet and completely give up your favorite foods

  • Being able to eat the foods you love while living in the body and life you desire so that you can have your cake and eat it too, guilt free and without regrets

  • Being aware of the foods that you eat and how your body responds to those foods so that you can be in control of the way that you look and feel for life

  • Moving your body in a way that you enjoy while eating the foods you love and creating the life you desire

What it is NOT...

  • Calorie Counting or a Strict Diet

  • Mindless consumption without regard

  • Eating ONLY "Whole" and "Organic" Foods

  • Feeling the need to punish yourself or outwork a "bad" diet.

4 Steps to Achieving Food Freedom...

Isn't time to start eating what you want while also looking and feeling the way that you want?

That's what Food Freedom is all about!

Learning HOW to incorporate FOODS that you ENJOY while creating and building the LIFE and BODY you DESIRE!

In our 4 Phase Approach to Food Freedom we guide you EVERY STEP of the way so that you're NEVER ALONE and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!

Our goal is to make sure that YOU are finally IN CONTROL of the way that you look and feel FOR LIFE!

After completing our Food Freedom Program YOU will know the purpose behind the changes you're making as well as how your body responds to those changes so that you can create a personalized plan to allow for constant PROGRESS LIFE LONG no matter what life throws at you!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a Man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!"

If you follow the program, ask questions and engage this will be the LAST program you will ever need...

PLUS its all delivered right inside our Fit Foodies app!

Phase 1: Foundation. Most diets fail because people don’t have the foundation to actually be successful.  That would be like picking up a book and expecting to learn everything you need… but you don’t know how to read..  In the Foundation we fix this!  Learn the skills, habits, behaviors and mindset for LIFELONG Success!
Phase 2: Focus. Now that you have a solid foundation that you can build on, it's time to that to get better results than ever before!  A dedicated SHRED phase!  The best part is that because of the foundation you have built it will feel easier than ever and the results will LAST A LIFETIME!
Phase 3: Fuel. Now that you are turning heads with a rocking hot body the next step is maintaining those results!  How many times have you gotten to your goal body or at least close only to gain all the weight back and then some?  NOT THIS TIME!  This phase you'll be refueling your body, maintaining your results and focusing on reshaping it in a way that will have your friends jealous!
Phase 4: Freedom You've built a foundation, shredded fat, reshaped your body, maintained your incredible results now its about time to create the life you look forward to waking up to!  Yes... You've been doing this all along, but here we learn what ultimate freedom looks like...  Whether its... Going out for Happy Hours... Enjoying Brunch dates... Partaking in the holidays...  All this without feeling guilty or putting back on the fat you shred!  This is the phase where its truly just a part of you and your life...  ULTIMATE FREEDOM to Create the LIFE and BODY you LOVE and DESIRE No matter what!

What is a Fit Foodie?

Fit Foodie /Fit Fuu-dee/ noun: A health-conscious and growth minded individual who skillfully incorporates a passion for good food and fitness into a life and body they love living...

A Fit Foodie is someone who is always searching for the best food around while also progressing towards their desired mental and physical health

Signs of a Fit Foodie...

Some people Train to Eat. Some people Eat to Train.

We just like to eat really good food and experience a life and body we love…

If you ARE or WANT to become a Fit Foodie these are some signs you might recognize as you evolve...

  • You are constantly on the hunt for delicious calorie worthy foods

  • You have a passion for living your best life, eating amazing food and working on your health and mindset and know this is a lifelong process

  • You always find yourself questioning what is possible with regards to food and health

  • Your thought process surrounding food experiences are evolving from "Should I
    eat this?" to "How can I fit this into my intake?"

  • You are learning to use taste as a guide to tell you whether food is good or bad, not Society

  • You know the only thing that can make good food even better is having it with good company

  • You want to look as good as your food, so when people look at you they think
    "I'd Smash That"

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Healthy Desserts Shockingly High in Protein.

Healthy Desserts Shockingly High in Protein.

Healthy Desserts Shockingly High in Protein.

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